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AppBlockman Go
App uploaded by:Melanie Andrea Carmona
Requirements:Android 4.4+


Blockman GO-Adventures is the latest variation of the famous game “Blockman GO” that provides additional mini-games and adventures that are of various genres to players. Find many games with a menu that are organized into categories. You can also play the most well-known ones with your loved ones.

You can locate any mini-game that you enjoy on Blockman GO-Adventures. The variety of genres expands daily which means it will be a surprise to users every when they launch the app. You’ll find racing games as well as horror house simulators. coffee shops you need to decorate and later manage, titles where you’ll need to turn into the ultimate wrestler or wrestler, etc. You can play any kind of game you’d like to play right at your fingertips.

blockman go
Blackman goes

Although every genre will have different control options, there’ll be a common one that will control your character Blockman GO-Adventures. Utilize the D-pad on the left of the display to control your character and the buttons for action on the right. Based on the mini-game you’re playing, there will be specific actions, however, the most basic are jumping and interaction with objects.

blockman gos
Blackman gos

The community of Blockman GO-Adventures is vital and now you’re one of them. You’ll be able to connect with other players from around the world through your friend’s list as well as the chatbox. Do you enjoy the variety of mini-games offered in the app? But don’t worry, Blockman Go-Adventures lets you design your own games using “Blockman Craft” and share your ideas.

blocksman go
blocks a go

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