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Free barcode scanner available for Android

The scanner is a barcode scanner that is a free and lightweight scanner that is targeted at retail professionals. The app was created through Lightspeed Commerce Inc. and is specially made to work with your existing inventory organization plan. Utilize this lightweight tool to keep track of the customer’s purchases and inventories as if it were a Point of Sale (the point at the point).

Due to its function being mostly targeted toward the professional retail market, the app falls in the same class as Barcode Scanner by ZXing. Barcode Scanner by ZXing and QR and Barcode scanner from Gamma Mobile apps that can take the place of expensive equipment that is often difficult to locate are becoming increasingly frequent, and this app is among those simple-to-use and easily-to-find tools.

Scan easily

The way the app functions is by being able to recognize many different barcode configurations. All you have to do is install the application onto your device using our direct link and then go through the quick and easy installation process. After that, you must focus your camera on the barcode you’d like to scan, and you’ll be provided with pertinent information. The app’s functionality depends on the barcode configuration and the purpose for which each barcode. If, for instance, you are using your barcodes to serve purposes of tracking, you’ll be provided with all relevant details regarding tracking inventory and parcels.

cam scanner image
cam scanner image


Similar to other barcode or QR code scanners the app will scan a variety of barcodes, dependent on the way you set up your application to integrate with your current system. Emulation of the point of sale has never been so simple to accomplish.

cam scanner images
cam scanner images

Convenient Lightspeed integration

Since this barcode scanner program was created in conjunction with Lightspeed Commerce Inc., it is fully compatible with the company’s website for managing a business. Lightspeed can be described as a single-source marketplace for commerce for retail and hospitality merchants across the globe This app allows the services offered through Lightspeed even easier to utilize. Get charge over your business with the introduction of Lightspeed to your e-commerce system.

cam scanner pic
cam scanner pic

Retail POS innovation at your fingertips

Lightspeed’s Scanner application turns your Android smartphone into a mobile Terminal for Point of Sales and provides you with ease of access to all of the Lightspeed Retail ecosystem. The application is extremely simple to use and operates using simple click-and-click capabilities, and, most importantly it’s accessible for free.


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cam scanner pics
cam scanner pics

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