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app namefacebook light
Latest Version:9.8

Android 4.4+
size9.2 MB


Facebook Lite is fast, compatible with slow networks, saves data, and is a small package.

FacebookLite can be recommended when you’re using a smartphone that is less than 2GB RAM, you’re connected to 3G or 2G networks, or simply want to be productive.

Enjoy a completely uncompromising Facebook experience with Dark Mode and all the essential features, such as:
* Videos – Find and stream a variety of videos and shows.
* Groups – Search for communities of people sharing similar interests.
* Marketplace Buy and sell in the vicinity of you, and even further.
“Stories” – share daily moments.
* News – Keep track of the latest happenings both locally and globally.

Privacy is important. Find out more about the latest news stories on Facebook data.

facebook image
Facebook image

Facebook Lite is a Facebook Lite app that is included in Facebook applications and other technologies.

You can download the latest versions of our app. test out new features, and offer us feedback by signing up as a beta tester.


Facebook Lite is available only for those who are 13 years old and over.

facebook images
Facebook images

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