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Facebook Toolkit APK is a simple application to help you finish your Facebook tasks. It initially prompts users to utilize Facebook to conduct business. Additionally, they must make or request multiple friend requests to make more than one friend request. Thanks to the FB Toolkit APK it is now possible to complete everything in one button.

It is now possible to accept multiple requests from friends as well as send messages directly to all your buddies. It’s now possible to do this in a single click. To do this is to install the Facebook Social Toolkit app from the specific download link to install on an Android device or smartphone.

fb toolkit image
fb toolkit image

How to use FB Toolkit APK?

This FB Toolkit (or Facebook Social Toolkit) is designed to Facebook people who are spending a significant amount of time using Facebook. The FB Toolkit APK will work at any moment. If you perform your everyday work, you will be spending the time you need to

With this program, you can finish these tasks in between 20 and 30 minutes. Additionally, any business can be completed quickly, without the need to duplicate and paste the information. Therefore, you must read the guidelines carefully before using this application for your Android device with no issues.

  • Then, download the most recent version of the app onto your Android device.
  • After installation is complete after which you can download the APK file to install it on your device.
  • In the course of installation, you’ll set up an unknown source. Select Settings> Security Settings> Unknown Sources> activate
  • Start the application from the Android device. You will need to input the data count data.
  • Make use of your Facebook credentials
  • Take advantage of the most up-to-date features


This application cannot be used in virtual machines (except Blue Stacks). If you’re using Knox Player Please change to Bluestacks instead of this application.

The older models that don’t allow JavaScript ES6 may not be allowed to run this application.

We do not keep the login details of your account. There could be an error when you log in to your account. For avoiding this issue, you should use the access token when you sign into your account.

fb toolkit images
fb toolkit images

FB Toolkit APK Features:

This is an excellent social application. Particularly for Facebook users as they can accomplish three or two tasks in a couple of minutes. Facebook Social Toolkit offers amazing features that can make your wishes come to life. Let’s take a look at the tools.

    • This is a fantastic application that lets you accept all friend requests in one click.
    • Include your circle of friends to your circle of friends, too.
    • Every Facebook user is able to accept or deny all friend requests by clicking.
    • You can eliminate all members of the group.
    • The option to share the content that you desire across every FB Page and Group
    • Like and Contrast Facebook Page
    • Make sure to leave many comments
    • Download free for the Android operating system.
    • It is compatible with Android 4.0 and up
fb toolkit pic
fb toolkit pic

In a single touch, you can complete these actions with lightning speed:

      • Log in using a Facebook access token
      • Log in to several accounts
      • You can get a Facebook access token
      • Join groups with friends from the group.
      • Post quicker in groups
      • Check out the latest breaking news
      • Check out the top friends of your partner
      • Take down your posts and other posts from your profile
      • Hide your posts and other information on your profile
      • Privacy settings can be set for your profile or any other posts posted on your profile.
      • Turn the shield of the avatar
      • Stop all your friends
      • Reaction to a profile bomb on the profile of someone
      • Bomb comments on the profile of someone
      • Automatic comments
      • Automated responses
      • Batch messages to friends
fb toolkit pics
fb toolkit pics


I hope you enjoy this article to download the most up-to-date Facebook Social Toolkit Free Download of Android Mobile 2018. Please share this article with your colleagues. It is important to note that the Facebook Social Toolkit app is not available in the Google Play Store. Therefore, you can download the most recent Facebook Toolkit APK by reading this article. Please feel free to post your feedback in the comment section, if you have any questions.

Users Review

User 1: I use this app primarily to remove uninterrupted/inactive friends, robbers, etc. with a single click. It’s time for the developer to fix this feature, since these names aren’t working or appearing, and I’m not able to make any exceptions on my own in the removal process. I lost friends

Users 2: If we’re truthful this could be a billion downloads, an amazing app in every term of. Or, more accurately this could become the most intelligent app on the market and you have done a fantastic job. I thank you for your work and look forward to continuing the innovative work. If you require assistance in the financial realm, I’m able to assist.

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