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GB WhatsApp APK Download for Android [2022 Latest Version]

If you’re not satisfied with the basic features provided through the main WhatsApp application, you might have heard about WhatsApp Mods such as WhatsApp GB WhatsApp, FM WhatsApp, or YoWhatsApp in your search looking for alternative apps to WhatsApp. In the list of WhatsApp alternatives, the GB WhatsApp is the one that is the most well-known one with amazing features. If you’re not sure what it’s about and how it functions there’s a chance you’re confused.

This article will address the confusion you have and discuss all you should be aware of concerning GB WhatsApp downloads. Before we get into the process of the GB WhatsApp APK download, we’ll also provide you with information on the specifics of what it is, and what functions it has to offer.

Part 1: What Is GBWhatsApp?

If you’ve never tried GB WhatsApp before, this section will explain what exactly is GB WhatsApp in the first place.

It’s true, GB WhatsApp is a modified version of the original WhatsApp application that includes several extra features. The features include themes that can be customized and the capability to share more than the allowed photographs at once, see updated status messages that have been deleted, keep messages that were deleted, as well as many more. GB WhatsApp isn’t certified by Google and therefore isn’t accessible on Google Play Store. Google Play Store. It’s still possible to install GB WhatsApp and enjoy the amazing features offered by GB WhatsApp latest version, so long as you can find the best location where you can download GB WhatsApp APK on your Android.

After we’ve finished our introductions, we’ll discuss how to download the most recent available GBWhatsaApp, and how to download GB WhatsApp.

gb whatsapps image
GB WhatsApp image

Part 2: Available GB WhatsApp APK Download

1. GBWhatsApp APK Download (Anti-Ban) Latest Version

The most effective method of downloading the GB WhatsApp the latest version is to visit the official website to install the APK from there. This is the most efficient method to complete the download of GB WhatsApp download since it’s available directly from the original developer of the application.

Features of GBWhatsApp APK Download (Anti-Ban) Latest Version

Here are the best GB WhatsApp features you can discover in the most recent GB Whatsapp update.

    • Anti-ban. This means you won’t be blocked by WhatsApp because of using this app.
    • The ability to access messages that have been deleted from the person who sent them.
    • Make use of multiple accounts using this application.
    • Cover up your online activity.
    • Check out other people’s status updates, even after they’ve deleted them.
    • Save your last sightings.
    • Simple customization using stickers and emojis.
    • Use a variety of new and custom themes and customize your application.

Download GBWhatsApp APK (Anti-Ban) The most recent version of GB WhatsApp to download the latest version of GB WhatsApp you need to click

Here for the official website of the app and hit”download.

After downloading, the GBWhatsApp APK can be located in the android’s file Manager.

gb whatsapp image
Gb WhatsApp image

2. GB WhatsApp Download APK by AlexMods

Another method to do a GB WhatsApp download is through AlexMods. AlexMods is a third-party app developer that alters an existing GB WhatsApp app and introduces his own personalizations to the application. AlexMods is a trustworthy source to download an download of the GB WhatsApp Download APK.

Features of AlexMods GB WhatsApp APK

The AlexMods GB WhatsApp has the same features as the previous version, but with minor changes to the app’s interface in a few places. Here’s a rundown of the best features.

    • Anti-ban allows you to utilize the normal version of Whatsapp and simultaneously use the device you are on.
    • You can have multiple or dual WhatsApp accounts on a single device.
      • You can download free themes that have been modified by a few users of this application
      • Cover up your online activity.
      • Hide-seen message Delivered message staus
      • The feature of backup and restore
      • Multiple gif providers
      • Long video status
      • You can add the stickers you can get from Google Play

Download GBWhatsApp APK Latest Version by AlexMods

To download the latest version of GB WhatsApp to download it, click here and then click the icon with the words “Download GBWhatsApp APK v14.00 (AlexMods)”.

3. GB WhatsApp Download APK by HeyMods

Apart from the two mentioned channels, the GB WhatsApp Download APK provided via HeyMods is also reliable. Like AlexMods, HeyMods is an independent developer that has created its own versions of GB WhatsApp APK.

gb whatsapps images
Gb WhatsApp images

Features of HeyMods GB WhatsApp APK

Its features in HeyMods’s GB WhatsApp resemble the previous two versions. With the exception of some UI modifications from time to time, There is a slight distinction in the features.

Here are the best features, listed in order.

      • Supports animated stickers
      • Themes and color schemes can be customized
        • Hide View Status
        • DND (Do not disturb) and Dark mode
        • Auto-reply
        • Show Blue Tick following Reply
        • Download the story
        • Send large files as well as long videos that are up to 80MB.
        • and much, much more.

HeyMods GB WhatsApp Download

To download the latest version of GB WhatsApp Click here and then click the button that reads “Download GBWhatsApp APK”.

gb whatsapp images
Gb Whatsapp images

Part 3: How to Download and Install GB WhatsApp APK on Android

Once you know the steps to download the GB of WhatsApp now is the time to show you which method to use to set up the download APK to the Android phone(i.e. Samsung).

The installation of the APK is much easier than downloading the GB WhatsApp APK in itself. Here’s a step-by-step guide for installing the APK following your GB WhatsApp download.

      • Go to your Settings App on your smartphone.
      • Visit Apps and then tap the menu with three dots. Choose “Special access”.
      • Scroll down until you find the option to tap “Install unknown apps”.Toggle to the location from which it was downloaded. GBWhatsApp APK version of the latest version.
        • In your File Manager, go to the APK you downloaded APK and then tap it for opening and open the APK file.
        • Click “Install” and wait for the installation to be completed.
gb whatsapp pic
Gb WhatsApp pic

Video Guide: How to Download GB WhatsApp & Backup to Google Drive 2022

Bonus Tip What is the best way to transfer WhatsApp From Android to iPhone

If you’ve recently upgraded your Android phone to an iPhone and are thinking about how to transfer your WhatsApp chats to the new device, we’ve got your back!

With Tenorshare’s iCareFone transfer You can effortlessly send WhatsApp messages between Android to iPhone within minutes. iCareFone Transfer promises a 99 percent rate of success in transferring and 100% security of your personal information as compared with other apps.

Here’s how you can move WhatsApp information from Android to iPhone using iCareFone Transfer.

    • Connect both of the gadgets, i.e. you can connect your older Android smartphone as well as the new iPhone to your computer. The interface displays each of your devices on the screen. Click the large “Transfer” button at the bottom of the screen, then select “Continue” when the next warning message pops up.
      transfer whtasapp from android to iphonetransfer whtasapp from android to iphone
    • You must now back up the WhatsApp information to the Android device. Launch it in the WhatsApp app on the previous Android device, navigate into Settings > > Chats > Chat Backup then create an additional backup using the settings. If you’re done, click “Continue”.
    • The system will start receiving WhatsApp messages from your Android device. Be patient as it occurs.transfer whtasapp from android to iphone
    • The system could require you to verify the details of your account. If so then provide the information needed to initiate the process.transfer whtasapp from android to iphone
    • After authentication is completed when authentication is completed, the program will create data that can later be restored to your iPhone.
    • Before you can restore your data, ensure that you’ve signed in to WhatsApp on your iPhone in order to restore the data, or else the data won’t be available. If you’re sure, click “Logged in”, then the program will begin to restore the data back to your iPhone.
    • After a few minutes, it will be apparent that your WhatsApp data has been transferred to the brand new phone with success.


      Here you go here is everything you must be aware of regarding the GB version of WhatsApp and its functions, features, and methods to download. Remember,


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