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A free app to provide additional security

Google Authenticator is a free application for mobile security to secure you and your Google account. If your password has been compromised, the application will verify if it’s you trying to sign in by transmitting a code to an associated phone. Other similar two-step verification solutions comprise Dashlane as well as LastPass.

How do I use Google Authenticator?

Install the app and then set up two-step verification. After this then using the app to sign in is extremely fast and simple.

google authenticator image
google authenticator image

Here’s how it is done.

  1. When you arrive at the Google login page, type in the details of your Google login username as well as password in the appropriate fields.
  2. The authenticator app generates the six-digit number which you’ll have to input into the login screen for your account.
google authenticator
google authenticator

What if I lose my phone using Google Authenticator?

It is recommended to change your password for the Google account. This will ensure that, even when someone is able to access your phone and has access to your username, Authenticator won’t generate the security code.

If you purchase a new phone, you’ll need to complete the entire setup and installation process over again. This involves affiliating other accounts you’d like to access the app.

google authenticators
google authenticators

How do I install Google Authenticator on my laptop?

It’s not true, the Google Authenticator app is only available for both Android and iOS devices.

There are ways to utilize the service on the Windows PC by getting access to the secret key that Google gives you if you’re unable to activate it by scanning the QR code.

Third-party applications will ask for a secret code when login in. It’s basically a master password to your Google login, and you should be sure you keep it secure.

Is it possible to back up Google Authenticator be backed up?

To protect yourself, Google does not store duplicate copies of your security codes. However, there are three methods to backup them:

  1. Take pictures of your codes.
  2. Write down the codes.
  3. Make a device that is a hardware token.

It’s important to know that the two choices above pose security risks. If someone steals your password as well as the Google Account password, the attacker will gain an access point to the account.

google authenticator images
google authenticator images

Our view

The sole function of the app is to create a security password for your phone, ensuring that you’re aware of any attempt to sign into Google. Google account. It’s a straightforward procedure that’s flawless.

Do you need to download it?

If you’re looking for more secure protection to protect your Google Account, then yes it is a must to use this app. If anyone steals the password or hacks it they’ll need to keep your phone with them.

If you are looking for alternative two-step verification options, Dashlane and LastPass are worth considering

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