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Google News is a personalized news aggregator which organizes and highlights what’s happening around the world so that you can learn more about the news that matter to you.

Google News: In Google News, you’ll find:

Your Briefing: While it can be difficult to keep track of every story you’re interested in Your Briefing allows you to keep up to date about the most important news and events in the world. It is updated every day to bring you the latest local, national, and international headlines, and customized news that is tailored to your needs.

google news image
google news image

Local NEWS Explore your local community with stories and articles from local news sources within your area. Choose multiple locations and customize them to keep track of the news in your neighborhood or wherever you are.

FULL COVERAGE: Delve deeper into a story using different perspectives. Its Full Coverage function combines all the information available online on an event, by providing a summary of the coverage of different media sources and media. By tapping you’ll discover how the story is developing and what everyone else is covering it.

google news images
google news images

Stories for You A FOR You section provides you with news that is personalized that are relevant to your preferences. You can customize the news you read by following the subjects and the sources you are interested in.

Access to Google News from any device: Google News is designed to cater to the needs of users who have different devices and different levels of connectivity. If your connection isn’t as strong or you’re required to save information, Google News will continue to run smoothly by trimming pictures’ size and downloading smaller information. The articles can also be downloaded via Wi-Fi and saved to be saved for later use when you’re offline.

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google news pic

Google News

Do you prefer accessing the news via or off your Laptop or Desktop? Combine Google News mobile app with our Desktop site,, so you are always up-to-date and read the news from any device you’re using

google news pics
google news pics

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