Google Play services Apk Battery Drain Continua interrompersi Update and Install

appGoogle Play services Apk
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Android 6.0+
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Google Play Services, and the Android app, are responsible for updating all your apps. It continuously checks to ensure that all apps are up-to-date.

Google Play Services allows you to authenticate Google services, sync your contacts, view the most recent user privacy settings, and use better quality, location-based services that consume less energy.

Google Play Services improves your overall experience using your device. You can search offline for items, get more detailed maps, and optimize RAM to improve your gaming experience.

goole play survice
google play service

You can also manage all your apps, not just the ones that you have installed.

Google Play Services is a must-have app for Android devices running the Android operating system. Many other apps may have problems without them.

google play survice
google play service

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