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If you’re feeling stressed doing some sort of art could be beneficial. It’s not only a great way to relax your mind, but it also helps enhance certain abilities and lets you be a little more relaxed on your own.

It is an excellent choice for the majority of people because we all have had some innate interest in drawing and painting since our youth. Don’t fret even if you’re not gifted enough in drawing or painting because you can continue to develop your skills by playing fun games such as Happy Color the Color By Number.

This intriguing coloring game X-Flow has to offer will enable Android gamers to have total pleasure in playing with the artwork. With numerous paintings from various collections, you’ll be able to have fun playing this coloring game which is easy to play and enjoyable.

Learn more about this fascinating game and all its features in our detailed review.


In Happy Color – Color by Number, Android users will have their chance to take part in the fun of coloring. Here you will be able to enjoy thousands of fascinating art pieces, each of which has its own unique difficulties. Use the intuitive and interactive coloring system to quickly create your artwork and experience the full experience.

Pick from a wide selection of art from various categories that will surely be a hit with gamers. Get access to the incredible coloring book by creating your own beautiful colored pictures. With the easy-to-use user interface for coloring, Android players can quickly tackle any coloring task without much difficulty.

happy color image
happy color image


Here are the best games features to provide:

An intuitive in-game UI that is accessible to players of all ages

For starters, players playing Happy Color – Color by Number have access to intuitive interfaces that let them explore the features of the app. Explore the various galleries and search for your most loved images in specific menus. Use the simple coloring interfaces that allow you to create beautiful coloring books. The list of possibilities is endless.

Multiple painting categories to discover

With the many categories of painting, Android gamers in Happy Color Color by Number are able to locate their most loved images to begin coloring them. Find images in general categories such as mosaics, people, mandalas, people and horoscopes, fantasy art, and a myriad of other categories. Explore your own personal favorites using pictures taken from The Lion King, Aladdin, Frozen, and many of your other favorite cartoons.

With more than 10,000 images, the game will effortlessly match the incredible collection of art from Tap Color. Additionally, the libraries are constantly updated throughout the hour, giving you fresh images to work with. The variety of options will surprise all Android users and ensure that they’re totally happy.

happy color images
happy color images

Colored areas are marked for easy coloring

If you are looking to learn, you can quickly get started with your painting by using the intuitive coloring techniques that are included in Happy Color – Color by Number. Look for the highlighted areas marked with the appropriate numbers, and then decide to color them in whatever you feel is appropriate. Relax and have fun while you work on your gorgeous and imaginative photos.

It is easy to share your artistic creations online

To make your coloring and painting experience more enjoyable, now you can upload your work on the internet with family and friends. Display your artistic side with your friends and family by letting them look at your stunning coloring books.

Play the game even without the Internet

To enhance the enjoyment of the game, X-Flow also enables offline gameplay that lets Android players enjoy and have fun with their coloring challenges anytime they like. This means that you do not have to look for Wi-Fi hotspots that are active or activate your mobile data to begin playing the game. Coloring pages are always available for you to play.

happy color pic
happy color pic

Play for free

In spite of all the thrilling features, the intriguing application Happy Color – Color by Number is now accessible for free on the Google Play Store. This means that you can install it and start playing the game without needing to spend a dime.

You can access the modified game on our website.

But, since it’s still a game that is free and there are advertisements and in-app purchases that may annoy you. To ensure that the game experience is fun, Android gamers can go to the mod version Happy Color – Color by Number on our site which will ensure that you will play the game to your heart’s content. Download this Happy Color – Color by Num Mod APK following the instructions and you’ll be good to start playing.

Audio and visual quality


In Happy Color – Color by Number, Android gamers will have the chance to experience stunning graphics that are hand-drawn by great artists. This means that you can take pleasure in creating amazing artwork by adding your own personal coloring choices. With the simple game, you’ll be able to have smooth and enjoyable coloring sessions on your mobile devices.

Sound & Music

In addition to the fun game features, Happy Color – Color by Number gamers will now be able to enjoy the gorgeous music and sound effects which will keep them glued to the whole game.

happy color pics
happy color pics

Final thoughts

Simple, yet extremely fun and relaxing gameplay Happy Color – Color by Number is sure to be a hit with players in all games. It is a great way to take part in fun coloring contests and enjoy playing with your most loved images anytime you like. It is your choice to complete the pictures with your own choice of coloring, and then create your own gorgeous coloring books. Display your work online and never run out of the library that is ever-growing. In addition, with the upgraded editions of Happy Color – Color by Number, you’ll be able to get the most out of its features without spending any

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