HTTP Custom Apk 3.10.21 AIO Tunnel VPN Apk Terbaru Config IOS Decrytor

AppHTTP Custom
App uploaded by:ابو اماني
Requirements:Android 4.1+
size29.2 MB



HTTP Custom can be described as an SSH client, as well as a VPN client that has a customized HTTP request header that encrypts browsing

It isn’t able to disconnect VPN after connecting, try using data on/off to force the stoppage of the VPN.



Secure browsing using SSH and VPN
Custom request header
Free VPN server
DNS Changer
Use the SSH/VPN connection to share your data (Hotspot as well as USB Tethering)
Export configuration
There is no root to be used

http custom
HTTP custom

It is a simple tool for changing requests and gaining access to blocked websites behind firewalls with SSH as well as VPN. You can get a no-cost unlimited VPN server, without a username or password, registration, and bandwidth limit. Why HTTP Custom:
User friendly
Unlimited VPN service for free
Custom HTTP headers for HTTP requests
2 in 1 (SSH and VPN Client)
SSH & VPN support SNI (Server Name Indication)

http custom images
HTTP custom images


Permission to access images as well as media and files
Give permission HTTP Custom read & write config
Permission to manage and make phone calls
Grant permission HTTP Custom to generate hwid, and to access information from your ISP card
Permission to access the device’s physical location
Permit HTTP custom to access SSID Only for OS >8 (Oreo)

http custom pic
HTTP custom pic

How do you share tethering connections:


Begin SSH as well as VPN client until it is connected
Turn on hotspot/USB Tethering/USB
If you check the log, it will display information about the tethering IP: Port server acting as a proxy, but if it is not, it will show your default proxy server for Hotspot or the USB Tether port port 7071

http custom pics
HTTP custom pics

The client is connected to the hotspot, and configure the proxy client to use log details by using HTTP custom (you can look at the image above of the guideline for setting up a proxy for Android, If you are using a desktop, please use proxies, then select type of proxy as HTTPS in the proxifier)

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