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Android 8.0+


Social media app for free

Instagram Lite is a smaller version of the social networking platform that can be downloaded to Android devices. This popular social media app can be repurposed for all devices and networks. The new version of the app is compatible with all devices and networks.

You get a lot for a small package.

With Instagram Lite, you can socialize with friends or learn new things. All the best features of Instagram are available on your Android device. This smaller version of Instagram will allow you to see your friends’ activities and discover new interests. The Lite edition doesn’t lose any features. Users should be aware that this edition is Lite and some features are not available.

instagram light image
Instagram light image

Share photos with everyone by adding photos

Grab your Instagram Story and add photos that disappear within 24 hours. Message friends and soon-to-be friends via the Instagram messaging platform. You can also look at the Feeds of other users to see what’s happening. This app allows you to share your photos and videos with the world.

Different from the original Instagram app

The biggest difference is in the file size. Instagram Lite comes in at 2MB instead of 80MB. You won’t have the ability to live stream with the Lite version, which only supports nine languages. Reels and IGTV are not supported.

instagram light images
Instagram light images

Our take

Instagram Lite is for those who want a lighter experience with their Instagram account. This could be a good option for someone who doesn’t have an iPod or an older Android phone. It’s not necessary to worry about the performance of the Lite version. It is similar to Facebook or Twitter.

instagram light
Instagram light

Do you need to download it?

Yes. It’s available for those who need an app that’s not as large. If you prefer a lighter version of the app, you can also download it.

instagram lights images
Instagram lights images


  • The phone is lighter than the standard version
  • A simpler experience means fewer features
  • Even though the Lite edition does not include a message system, it is fully functional


  • The standard has fewer features and less functionality than the standard.

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