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Dark Knight Rises 1.1.7 APK Description: Dark Knight Rises 1.1.7 APK Description

The epic conclusion of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy is now available on Android with the only video game that was that is based on the film. THE EXCLUSIVE GAME INSPIRED BY THE DARK KNIGHT RISES
After being absent for eighteen years Bruce Wayne gets back to the action of Batman. The ones waiting for him are the enigmatic Selina Kyle, and Bane an incredibly deadly adversary who is on a mission to destroy Batman’s legacy one piece at a time.

Find all of Batman’s allies, and regain your power to defend Gotham City from Bane.
Immerse yourself in the story due to the similarities of all of the main characters in the film, including Catwoman, Lucius Fox, and Commissioner Gordon.


A myriad of missions and random events will let you feel the thrills of being the ultimate superhero. Face hostage situations, bomb squads, and jailbreaks, as well as car, chase to show that you are the real protector of Gotham.

A thrilling combat system that puts you in the action due to a variety of various moves as well as cinematic visual effects.
Find hidden items in cities to gain new upgrades and fighting abilities for Batman.

knife hits
knife hits


Get Batman’s full arsenal at hand and learn to take maximum advantage of each of the tools. Utilize the Grapnel to get around the city, or to take on enemies, use the Batarang to slay your enemies, or hit a distant button, the possibilities are endless.

If kicks and gadgets are useless In this case, the Dark Knight relies on his vehicles to accomplish his mission. The Bat-Pod is a vehicle that can be used for special vigilante tasks or pilot The Bat for fast travel throughout the city.

knife hitt
knife hit


Explore the whole of Gotham city Gotham and its various districts that are spread across a vast map. Enjoy stunning images for a complete immersion into the dark world of Batman.

Certain apps let you buy virtual items inside the app. These apps may also include third-party ads that lead you to a third-party website.

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