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LINE Corporation (FREE).

You can chat with friends via this instant messenger app. You can connect with friends from all over the world. To communicate and have some fun, use stickers such as emojis. You can also play some games and share photos with your friends!

Quick messaging

LINE is a great alternative for Kik and other IM platforms. You can log in to the app from your desktop by linking your phone number.

Add friends by entering their names or using a QR code. It’s easy to set up group messaging. Group chats can be added to by anyone. It is a good security feature that, if someone leaves, they cannot access any old messages in that group.

It’s easy on the eyes

It is easy to use and looks great. The app has all the chat options that you can use, and they are well-organized in the respective dropdowns and menus. It is easy to navigate the program, jump between chats or update your status.


LINE claims it has end-to-end encryption but it can’t delete messages. Normally, messages that are deleted should be unrecoverable, even if both the sender and receiver have their private keys. This is not the case and poses security risks for many users.

Security experts also pointed out that the app does not follow best practices. This makes it difficult to assess the security features and risks of LINE.

line call &message
line call &message

Profiles and social media

LINE is underutilized but it does offer a profile and games. These features will be more popular with the app’s users. These features are not necessary if you just want to chat.

Play games with friends to see who scores the most. You can also update your profile and upload photos. This works in a similar way to Instagram’s budget version, but the emphasis is on the messaging.

Line call&message
Line call&message

Use it casually

LINE offers many features that you may not have the time to use. If you are looking for new games and an exciting social experience, then LINE is for you. This app is not recommended for those who are concerned about security.

line brand
line brand


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