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LinkedIn (Free)

LinkedIn is a social networking site that focuses more on education and employment than just connecting for fun. LinkedIn allows users to create resume-like profiles that can be used for networking, job search, and learning about their field.

Three-In-one functionality

LinkedIn is a website that combines professional networking with social relationships and job boards. It allows users to stay in touch with their coworkers, find work and connect with relevant professional groups.

linkedin image
LinkedIn image

Comprehensive data

It is easy to set up an account. Profiles look like resumes and highlight professional affiliations, skills, job experiences, and other relevant information. Multimedia can be added to your profiles to show off your creations. Start connecting with people you already know once you have created an account. LinkedIn tracks the type and duration of each relationship.

linkedin images
LinkedIn images

Modular design

This website has a professional, modular design. The website is easy to use, but it doesn’t feel like other social media platforms. It’s more of a networking app. However, the app was updated with a modern twist.

You can customize

This service sends too many emails. These notifications can be disabled easily and some of them are actually quite useful. LinkedIn offers the option to make your profile public or certain sections visible or hidden for greater privacy.

linkedins imges
linkedins imges

A Professional Network

LinkedIn, even though it might seem basic today, is still a great place for business people. Although it has loading problems and could use some improvements, it delivers on its promises.

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