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Official mail application Convenient Mail for smartphone Android.

Simple and speedy application for simultaneous work with many, Yandex, Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, and many other mailboxes. Send and receive messages, and also share documents and photos. Receive notifications immediately about new messages. Set the date, time, folders, and services that you would like to be notified via push notifications. Personal spam filters can help you avoid annoying mailers. Be in contact by using the application!

Do you realize that the developers do not reply to comments on Google Play? Therefore, any requests, suggestions, and comments, please send via the “Feedback” in the app or email db******e90@4*** In such a case we will get back to you quickly and resolve the issue in the shortest time possible.

Multiple accounts are supported. Include all your boxes to change them effortlessly. Now, switching between private and work email is as easy as switching shifting between folders in a single mailbox.

Full synchronization. It doesn’t matter if you have read, flagged, or transferred messages on a phone or computer. Any changes you make will be stored on the server, and then synchronized between devices.

Protected folder. application allows you to save the information and safeguard it. Create a folder that has an encrypted password using the Web interface. The folder will be visible in the application, but only accessible after you have entered the password.

– Filters. Unread emails flagged as spam or emails that contain attachments

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Search all mailboxes. Make use of the search tool to locate any email.

Push notifications for the latest email messages. You will be informed of the new message in a matter of minutes in the event that the Android phone is linked to the internet.

Filtering notifications. Choose a time when you will receive notifications, select services, and folders, or create your own filter that allows you to be notified only of alerts that are crucial!

Caching emails. Emails are saved to the phone’s memory and accessible even without having a connection to the internet. View and read messages as well as attachments while traveling or, for instance, in rural areas.

Personal spam filter for personal use. Do you receive messages from companies that you did not subscribe to or unsubscribe? Tap Spam and any subsequent messages coming from senders will send to the correct folder. Only read the messages that are important to you.

mail ru image
mail ru image

– Avatars. It’s much easier and more convenient to navigate through apps using pictures of the recipients.

– Email Threads. View your entire email thread in one place, exactly as you would in this version of the internet.

This application was tested and works with Android version 5.0 and up.

mail ru images
mail ru images

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