Master for Minecraft PE Apk 2.13.6 Unlimited Coin Money Upgrade

AppMaster for Minecraft PE
App uploaded by:Raju Girpade
Requirements:Android 5.0+
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Block Master for Minecraft PE 2.13.5 APK Description

Minecraft Pocket Edition is required for this application

Block Master for Minecraft PE (free utility launcher) is a tool that allows you to find the latest maps, addons, and buildings. It also contains textures, seeds, textures, and textures. Our launcher allows you to download and install the game automatically.

Maps and seeds for MCPE

Minecraft Maps with Multiplayer – Best and Free Maps
Maps for Survival and Adventure
Maps for Creative Gaming
Mini Games and Parkour Maps
Maps for PVP and Hide and Seek
There are many more hills, plants, cities, Redstone, flying islands, horrors, escape from prisons, cops, and bandits.

block master
block master

Buildings for MC PE

You are the master builder of houses and buildings. Construction is instant with just one click. All maps can be saved and restored. This category can be found in our app:
– Mansions
Furnished houses
– Helicopters and aircraft
– Medieval castles
Our app features unique buildings that have been designed by professionals. You will see the default building installed at your location on the map.

block master image
block master image

Mods and add-ons for MCPE

– The most popular mod for Minecraft, and add-ons that automatically install in Minecraft.
– Mod Lucky Block
– Mods to weapons and cannon
Mod for cars and transportation
Mod for furniture and homes
You can also find more information (Animals and Portals, Redstones, Redstones, Technique, Dagons, Technique, Zombies Mutants Dragons, Tanks, Technique, Technique, Technique, Technique, Zombies, Technique, Tanks)

Skins for MCPE

– These are the most sought-after and rare Minecraft Skins. They also include additional functions such as 3D skin previews and 360-degree rotation.
– Skins For Boys
– Skins For Girls
– Skins for PVP
– Camouflage skins
– Superheroes skins
You can also find more information (Animals and Military, Monsters. Celebrities. Heroes. Robots. Anime).

block master images
block master images

Textures for MCPE

You can use a variety of shaders and texture packs to make your game more real. You can change the default lighting and textures.
– 16×16
– 32×32
– 64×64
– Full HD
Be aware that realistic shaders can cause your game to change beyond recognition.

block master pic
block master pic


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