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Then, introduce Modern Combat 5

The title should not be too confusing for you. It’s another sequel to Modern Combat 4, developed by Gameloft. Within this game’s Modern Combat series, this is the most enjoyable part because it’s not only more focused on gameplay but, it also has stunning graphics which makes it an excellent and appealing shooting game, with millions of players across the world.

Gameloft is a very well-known game maker located in France. The person who founded Gameloft was also the creator of Ubisoft, Michel Guillemot. Gameloft is currently home to 21 studios for development across the globe. This is a well-known publishing company, particularly for shooting and racing. Don’t waste time talking in the details right now to determine whether this game is unique that draws an enormous number of gamers.


Gameloft’s Modern Combat series is a collection of interrelated stories. Modern Combat 5 is a continuation of the storyline from the conclusion of part 4. you are able to hunt down and eliminate a terrorist group. The plot may not be well-known to you since American action films are usually the core of the film, however, they are adding a little of a twist to make it less boring and extremely entertaining.

Gameloft has put together combatants of task forces against terrorists at various locations to provide a thrilling game experience for you. For instance the temple or an urban area military bases … each conflict is based on the storyline that runs through the game, making it fascinating. In each region, you have to complete 4-6 tasks in order to unlock the next zone.

Regarding controls, ensure that you don’t take the time to become familiar with the players to see if they have anything to share. Particularly for those who have played other shooting games like CrossFire: Legends, PUBG Mobile as well as the Rules Of Survival, … It shouldn’t take long to become familiar. On the left side of the screen is a joystick that can move the character. On the right side is an option to shoot jump, sit, and change the bullets, … and some function keys for additional objects.

modern combat 5 [pics
modern combat 5 [pics

Mode of online

Modern Combat 5 is a shooting game that requires you to have an internet connection to enjoy the game. This is among the many advantages of the game. It lets you connect with other gamers from around the world or just those around you. It also allows you to invite friends to join in the game, and even form teams to fulfill the role of an eSports warrior. Of course, the game is not just a campaign mode, but it also has a Squad against Squad solo mode, like Team Death Match, C4 as well as Capture The Flag, … And not only this is that you can also take part in eSports tournaments with professional gamers to improve your skills.

Note: Modern Combat Versus is an online-based fighting version of the game.

Diverse weapons systems and characters

If you are looking for shooting games that are first-person it’s difficult to ignore the weapons system in the game. Modern Combat 5 possesses a massive arsenal for you to play. To unlock stunning and authentic weapons you have to raise your skill level by playing campaigns as well as matches against other players. The more advanced you get the better guns you are able to acquire and build your arsenal.

Additionally to that, the game has the ability to create a variety of character classes. The game is comprised of nine various character classes Assault heavy, Recon Sniper Support Bounty Hunter, Sapper, X1 Morph, and Kommander. Each class will possess a distinctive ability. To enable it, you need to consume skill points.

modern combat 5 image
modern combat 5 image


Modern Combat 5 has extremely impressive 3D graphics. I am confident that it’s not inferior to shooters that run on PC platforms like Black Squad as well as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, … Comparatively to previous installments in the Modern Combat series, this is the primary and greatest aspect of graphics and gameplay. Additionally, it’s constructed from the first person’s perspective to ensure that you will play it more. Additionally, the music is very lively with the amazing voices of the characters, creating a masterpiece you must not overlook.

MOD APK version of Modern Combat 5

MOD Features

  • God Mode
  • Antiban

How to fix License Error

If you did not install this game on Google Play, you may be confronted with a License Error when you open the game, and game data won’t be downloaded even if it was installed in accordance with the instructions. Here are the steps to fix the issue:

Step 1. Step 1: Start Google Play and find Modern Combat 5

The second step Select Install the download the game. Once the download is completed then click cancel.

3. 3. There is already a valid license in this application. It is only necessary to follow the steps to install it as described above. The game will function smoothly without a glitch.

modern combat 5 images
modern combat 5 images

Get Modern Combat 5 MOD APK for Android

Modern Combat 5 is really an exciting shooting game that shouldn’t be overlooked. If you haven’t tried the game before, you should download it right now. Not just in the plot, but the visuals and music are top-quality at all times. To download the game for your mobile device is easy, you just need to follow the download link at the end of the article, then install the game and you will be playing a stunning game in no time

modern combat 5 pic
modern combat 5 pic

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