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AppNiX Injector
Requires Android:

Android 5.0+


You might be thinking about a mobile Legend Bang Bang game but aren’t able to afford premium features. We have Nix Injector 1.66 updated. This latest version allows you to access premium features that are high quality and efficient. These features are free and you can use them to defeat your enemies.

Research shows that MOBA Mobile Legends Bang bang’s new players face many difficulties in the game. The game is difficult for players to survive. They are even unable to kill their enemies or get out. They are not able to access premium features because they are new players. Pro players are more confident and stop new players from showing off their skills. The injector gives you incredible features that will boost your skill level and increase your level.

Pros are improving their skills every day, while newbies stay where they are. Noobs need a power source to allow them to do whatever they want, without any limitations. NIX Injector is the best choice for you as it doesn’t require you to pay a lot for premium features. Premium features are now available for free without having to pay any fees to the authorities. It also gives advanced techniques and tricks that allow you to manipulate the game and make your own profits.

About NIX Injector APK:


You no longer have to pay for those features that can only be unlocked or purchased after you pay. This gift pack is the reason. This application is still the best in the injector community. You can unlock over 400 ML skins and Drone views. This application’s key feature is its small size. This makes it light in weight and allows your phone to take less load.

Because the NIX Injector has simple controls and a simple UI, it is easy to use. It is an innovative and amazing application for MLBB Players. It is now possible for players who are having trouble with the game to remove the obstacles that are preventing them from moving forward. It will now be easy to kill your opponents. Your gameplay will begin to change. You can push beyond the boundaries and strengthen your position in the game.

nix injector image
nix injector image

Nix Injector Features:


Drone view: Use a drone to view enemies far away.

Premium Skins: More than 400 skins in ML will be yours. You can now get skins such as Fighter, Tank and Marksman, Upgraded Skins, Painted Skins, and many more.
Effects: Free access to effects such as Recall, Emotes and Analogues, Notifications, and many more.
Background: You can adjust the theme and choose background music with this application.
Aimbots: This feature allows you to shoot accurately and makes you look like a professional player. This feature allows you to shoot accurately and correctly.
Dark Mode: Now available. This can be applied free of charge.
No registration: There is no need to register. All these shits are yours for nothing.


Additional Features

ESP Fire.
ESP Sensitivity
ESP Color.
ESP Grenade
Unlock Map
Skin to skin
Supreme Badge Backup.
Ghost hack.
Speed Hack.
Sonic Speed.
Rank Booster
No errors.
There are no subscriptions.
No cost.

nix injector images
nix injector images

How do I download NIX injectors?

These are the steps to download this app.
For more information, click on the link below.
Go to the download section in your browser.
The section has the app.
Once you have downloaded the app, you will need to enable unknown sources when setting up your phone.
Unknown sources can be enabled by going to the settings and clicking on the security option. You will then see the unknown sources.
Let it happen.
It will take some time to install.
That’s enough.
You can now run it on your smartphone.
This application is easy to use because it was made by people who tried to improve it and put in all the latest technology that makes it easier and more user-friendly.

How to use Nix Injector MML?
Download it first from this link.

After it has been downloaded, you can access it from the main menu.
Click it.
All options will be displayed on the homepage.
Select the features that you are interested in.
Click it
Click the button to inject and wait.
That’s it.
All the benefits are now available for free.

nix injector
nix injector


How do I update my NIX injector?
This application can be easily updated. Follow us on our official site to receive notifications if there are any updates.

Is it safe to use?
It is safe to use. This was tested by many gamers and it worked well. This is why we recommend it to you.

What happens if it stops working?
It can be stopped by a need to update, but it will continue running as normal once you start updating. If it does not work, you can update it.

nix injectors
nix injectors



After using this application, you will be grateful to the developer. Once you have started using it, there is no need to look for other applications. The user interface is simple and everyone will feel at ease. It’s safe for your Android device. Download the NIX injector app from our website.

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