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Have you ever thought that the home screen on your phone had an aesthetically pleasing design and was simpler to use? Nova Launcher Prime is an application that was created to allow easy customization for your home page as well as the app drawer. It alters the default design of the interface for your Android device to improve the user experience.

Organize your Android

Remove yourself from the default look that your phone has. Each feature helps you organize your apps according to the personal preferences of each user. For instance, you can arrange the apps in subgrids, and sort them according to color.

Nova Launcher Prime includes extra features. The “gestures” feature gives you the option to create a motion-based system to interact with app icons. You can set these gestures to swipe, double-tap, or pinch to navigate your home screen as well as others.

nova luncher image
nova launcher image

Simple interface

You can program applications to behave as they swipe the icons. There are thousands of icons to browse through from the Play Store. The interface overall is minimal in appearance. Animations can be set to run extremely fast, and make your mobile device feel more flexible.

Sort your phone as if it was your closet. If you’re looking to clear your screen at home, you can put your unneeded apps inside the application drawer, selecting to keep them hidden.

nova luncher images
nova launcher images


The default launcher for your tablet or phone is identical to Nova Launcher, with additional features. These similarities make it simple to install Nova Launcher quickly. The software is not only useful on its own it also enhances the way you use other applications.

The capability of infinite scrolling lets you browse seamlessly. This program lets your screens be designed in a visually pleasing manner. You can move through all the applications by scrolling your fingers.

nova luncher pic
nova luncher pic

Simple installation

You’ll have to download Nova Launcher before you can access Prime. A drawback is that it usually takes longer than the standard to load. In addition to booting, the app is extremely fast.

nova luncher pics
nova launcher pics

Enhance the Mobile Experience

Nova Launcher Prime is one of the top-rated software in comparison to others. Perhaps you have used having a different layout when you had an old-fashioned phone, or are looking for a home screen, with no swipe gestures. Whatever you’re looking for to organize your life, this app will meet your requirements.

The options for customization are unlimited The features that are available are robust and reliable. If you’re seeking to improve the user experience on an Android device, then downloading this application is highly suggested.

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