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Multi accounts management app

Parallel Space allows multiple instances of the application for any mobile device that runs Android 10 and lower. You can access both your personal and professional accounts through the same social media application or sign in with multiple characters within one game.

App cloning

It’s becoming more commonplace for people to utilize apps for a variety of reasons. For instance, you could manage a business account on a social network as well as a personal one that is private.

Parallel Space works similarly to other apps with multiple accounts, such as Dual Space and Shelter. They let you create a separate and independent area on the mobile phone, so you can use two concurrent instances of an application.

parallel space image
parallel space image

Hidden apps

Parallel Space uses a visualization engine known as MultiDroid in order to create a different virtual operating system for the device. In this way, it stops an app from knowing that it’s running, and allows you to run it twice. This is important because it means you’ll be able to log in to an app that is running in a second edition using an additional account.

It is also possible to use this virtual area with an incognito function built into the device which means that any application that you install or use is kept from view by the other user’s devices. This adds an additional protection for your device, as it safeguards your privacy and may be used to block data from being viewed by an app.

parallel space images
parallel space images


It’s a standard procedure for apps to request access to several areas that are on your gadget. Because Parallel Space lets you run multiple accounts, it requires multiple permissions. For instance, it requires location, phone contacts as well as files and folder access. If you refuse one or all of them, then you won’t be able to make use of Parallel Space.

Our view

The app is very user-friendly, and, once you’ve opened it the app automatically selects other applications that match and asks you to include them in Parallel Space. But, it’s not without ads popping up that you’ll have to pay to get rid of. In addition, the app keeps soliciting reports on data (but not personal data) This can be annoying however it’s not a security risk.

parallel space pic
parallel space pic

Do you have to download it?

Yes. Parallel Space is an excellent time-saver for those who frequently need to switch between accounts in the same app.

parallel space pics
parallel space pics


  • Apps that support it.
  • Helps to maintain a healthy life balance
  • You can log in and out using the same application to access multiple accounts


  • It asks for multiple permissions that you must agree to in order to use the app.

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