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Picasso TV is a free download for Android smartphones. There are a variety of live-streaming apps.


Picasso TV free download available for Android smartphones. There are a variety of live-streaming apps, but we’ll present to you an app that is among the top, most well-known swift, most speedy, and most impressive live-streaming apps. It is true that the original and free version of the Picasso app has been streamlined over the course of the history of live streaming. Have you ever encountered a live streaming app without cost and with many attractive features? If not, do not worry as we’re introducing this amazing app to you, where you can stream the most perfect HD live stream. If you’re eager to learn more about it, let’s look at the below features.

What’s PicasoTV?

Picasso TV app is a simple app that lets you stream your most loved content, making your leisure time more diverse. With a vast selection of TV shows, filmland, and filmland, you are never short of something to stream. The best part about the app is the fact that users don’t need to pay a penny or enroll in any course at all.

As the most popular of film apps like HD Streamz, GHD Sports, Pikashow, and more, in which you must pay a monthly cost, Picasso TV provides you the option to stream online filmland for free of charge, and without having to pay even a penny to the creator to experience the amazing capabilities of this service. You can also locate paid subscription channels. free. Picasso TV app doesn’t just limit itself to streaming blockbuster films It also lets you download movies for stoners to take a look at.

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Picasso is simple to use because the app features an organized layout that allows stoners to browse the information they want to see. The majority of streaming apps require users to register, but PicasoTV avoids this unnecessary step and directs you to the interface.

picasotv image
Picasso tv image

Features of Picaso TV:

  • The movie app is able to be operated via your smart television. It is compatible with Amazon, Free Fire Stick, NVIDIA Shield, and many more. Furthermore, the content will not be able to maintain its high quality on large defenses.
  • You can enjoy a variety of entertainment through every kind of picture in quality from Hollywood up to Bollywood. Not just Bollywood well Tollywood, Jollywood, and Lollywood images are on the menu. All content is available by multiple orders.
  • Connects you to more than 40 OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon, Sony Live, and more.
  • Find quality content.
  • Live TV is a must and you should be on the lookout for all global events and sports.
  • Check out IPL 2021 live as well as the schedules for IPL 2021 via Picaso TV.
  • Dubbed movies with mottoes that are supported are great to stream with Picaso TV.
  • The option to download is there. You are able to download any of your most loved images or web series in several blinks.
  • Fast delivery, no problems in connection with links, softening, etc.
  • We update you on the latest content to be released.
  • Very good experience streaming.
  • Further.
picasotv images
Picasso tv images

Additional Features:

  • In case you encounter any issue If you have any issues, you can talk directly with the inventors using the Telegram group.
  • Find options for sharing social links to your beloved bones
  • All kinds of charges. Easy to use with Wi-Fi or cell data.
  • Videotape players that are flexible.
  • There are no snarky advertisements.
  • No bugs or issues.
  • 100% safe to use.
  • And many more.
picasotv pic
Picasso tv pic

How to Download and Install Picasso TV?

  1. Choose to install via ” Unknown Sources ” in the security settings on your Android device and turn it on.
  2. Download the App found in the ” Downloads ” section of your memory card line.
  3. Install the method to the fullest extent and then unzip it.
  4. Utilize the free streaming app and get the most enjoyment from the experience.
  5. Plus.
picasotv pics
Picasso tv pics


Picasso television doesn’t provide live streaming only but lets users download any movie or web-based series for free. The development component that is part of the app is smart and innovative. They certainly tried to provide stylish options. Popular, watched and the most recent releases will keep you in good shape. They’re also not missed. You can also mark your preferred media to revisit it. However, as it is not a licensed app is a requirement for many warrants for its capabilities. But, you should also install it right now, if you aren’t able to use it as an entertainment source.

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