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AppPlay Store Update
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Google Play Store is Google’s official marketplace where you can download apps, movies, and books as well as manage other aspects of your smartphone or tablet.

Google Play Store is a simple concept for Android users. Google’s digital content distribution platform (previously known as Android Market) is the largest Android app store and second in worldwide turnover, right behind the iTunes App Store. They reached 50 billion downloads in 2013 and are now at over 2.7 million in 2017.

Google Digital Elements Store – Where you can purchase and download them

This store’s main activity is the distribution and support of apps. You can access it from any Android device, provided you have a Google account and can browse the nearly 3 million apps in its catalog.

You will find applications for all kinds, organized by categories (games and dates, communication, shopping, etc.) and also free and paid versions. You can search for them yourself, browse the editor picks, and check which ones are most popular. Or you can receive recommendations based on what you’ve downloaded to your smartphone or tablet. We can view the apps we have installed, even if they are deleted, from Google’s Store.

Although the software is the most important asset, there are many other elements that can be downloaded.

  • Watch Movies.
  • Play music.
  • Play Books.
  • Play Newsstand (press publications).
  • Devices (Chromecast and Nest products, Pixel tablets, and other accessories that are available for purchase).

Additional services available through the official Android Store

You can find functions like Play Games. This service was developed for Android but is also available for iOS devices like iPhones and iPads. This function is focused on playing and adds a real-time multiplayer option as well as achievements and leaderboards. It also allows for online storage of compatible games that can be used to connect different users.

playstore update image
play store update image

We can also use the following functions:

  • Configuration of our account.
  • Trade in gift cards to get gift certificates
  • Wishlist.
  • Keep track of your activity.
  • Parent guide.

Google Play Services is also available. This app automatically updates our Android handsets with the latest versions of the Play Store.

playstore update pic
play store update pic

Alternative app stores

There is more to the world than Google’s. Some people find its terms of usage too restrictive, as they prohibit the publication of applications that might infringe on copyrights and conditions for other Google services.

There are many other stores, such as Aptoide or Mobogenie that have seen a significant increase in popularity over the past few years. You also have loads of websites where you can get the APK for these apps. The question is, why would you want to have the APK? It could be useful to run the app in an Android emulator on a Mac or PC.

We offer the Play Store download because it is not preinstalled on most mobile devices. This is especially true if your device has bloatware or any other preinstalled software.

playstore update pics
play store update pics

What’s new with the latest version?

    • The official Android store app has been improved

How do I download and install the Play Store on an Android phoneThe Play Store is the most popular Android app store.

It is used to distribute a large portion of the latest developments for the Google operating system.

It is, therefore, logical to want to know how you can download it and install it on your device if you don’t have it. How do you enable or disable Play Protect in Google PlayA virus could compromise the security of your smartphone, which is something that often scares people.

The installation of malicious applications is one-way malware can reach your mobile.

Google created Play Protect to prevent this problem. This system analyzes our device and warns us if there are any problems.


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