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Mobile phone for free Minecraft Java launcher

PojavLauncher is a free app developed by the mobile-focused developer ArtDeell. It is a Minecraft Java Edition launcher for mobiles that let you use Java Edition on almost any device that runs Android. The application can run the latest versions which run Minecraft Java Edition from the 1.12.2 update onwards.

It’s not an official Mojang application and it doesn’t have the assurances of quality that the official Minecraft experience offers. If you’re looking to get the real Minecraft Mobile Android experience, you can try Minecraft Pocket Edition as well alternatively, different versions of the game, such as Minecraft Education Edition as well as Minecraft Story Mode

Minecraft Java Edition on mobile

Minecraft was among the most popular games available on sale for many years. Each update introduces more features to the game, and the latest updates, such as the recent release of Caves and Cliffs and the Wild update bring the game to life with more authenticity. However, there is a distinct difference between the game available for PC and Mac – Java Edition – and the Pocket Edition mobile alternative.

The main difference is the way that certain features and blocks function and how they function, but also in customization capabilities. Because Java Edition is run on computers and computers, you’ll have a greater choice of shaders and other add-ons over the versions you use with Android devices. This application will not offer you the full range of features; it just allows you to play the PC version on your smartphone.

apavlunchers image
apavlunchers image


As we’ve stated it isn’t an official Mojang product, consequently, you can expect to encounter difficulties when using it on your smartphone. The most frequently encountered issues users of this application have complained about is their game refusing to launch or suddenly crashing during the game.


Although Minecraft Pocket Edition has been specifically developed and optimized for running within the limitations and parameters that Android devices are limited to, Java Edition simply was designed for larger hardware configurations. Thus, if you are planning to use a version of Minecraft Java Edition higher than 1.12,2 it is necessary to make sure that your device is equipped with a minimum of 4GB of memory.

The majority of new phones come with higher RAM however, this application may not function properly or even at all on older or lower-end Android devices. To ensure your security be sure to only run this application on devices that run Android 9.0 and above. Another important thing to remember is the fact that this application doesn’t work on all Android phones even if the handsets in question meet the minimum requirements for hardware.

apavluncher image
apavluncher image

A mobile Java experience

Despite all the red tape based on hardware as well as performance problems, PojavLauncher is still a useful app to have in your pocket in case you’re looking to play Minecraft Java Edition on your smartphone. The application is able to get updates which means it will be able to run the most recent editions of the game if your device meets the specs.



We don’t have any change log information yet for version dahlia-8-f527e8a14-v3_openjdk of PojavLauncher. Sometimes, publishers take a time to publish this information and so we suggest you return in a couple of days to check the latest version.

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