Pure Tuber: Apk on Video Alternative For Window 10

Apppure tuber
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Android 4.4+
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Pure Tuber Android

YouTube is among the services on the internet that has greater users across the globe via both applications as well as its web-based version. the disadvantage, for a lot of users, is that it doesn’t permit downloading videos from the official version. But, there are a few applications that allow it, and among them, we discover the Pure Tuber.

pure tuber image
pure tuber image

The easiest way to download YouTube YouTube videos is in the most simple method

It is a video download client that has an easy and intuitive interface that lets users explore the entire content available on the website that is owned by Google. Users can explore the entire library of videos, download any one of them to play them on their own without an Internet connection, or share them through apps like WhatsApp and upload them to social media networks.

pure tuber images
pure tuber images

Within the features it has, we find the most notable characteristics:

  • Download videos in various output formats and in different qualities including audio.
  • The complete absence of advertisements.
  • It is not necessary to install any other app, just as is the case with other appreciated clients like YouTube Vanced.
  • Maximum video resolution is enabled by default.
  • Pop-up playback and floating playback modes let you watch videos even while you are using other applications.
  • Background playback is a way to help save energy and data specially designed for listening to music.
pure tuber pic
pure tuber pic

There is no doubt it is one of the best applications to play YouTube videos without ads and download videos onto your device.

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