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The slithered apk big serpent game is very different from other games. It was my favorite version. Slither io can also be your partner when you are having fun. Over a million downloads have been completed so far. This number is growing every day.

It is suitable for all ages. It’s easy to learn and very easy to play.

About Slither Io Mod Apk

Steve Howse and Lowtech Studios created the original version for the Slither io mod apk. It was first released for iOS devices in 2016. It was also the first time that an advanced snake game had been created, which attracted everyone’s attention. This is a great option for people who like to spend their time doing simple things.

A large number of gamers also download this game. As the game evolved, gamers demanded more features and more options, so developers released the slither app version.

slither apk
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The collection contains 44 snake skins. After a time, snakes shed their skin. They offer 44 different snake skins. The invisible skin of Slither Io Mod apk protects you against other snakes.

Auto option:

Autopay is a great feature for players. Autoplay allows players to choose when they want to play or go somewhere. This allows the animal to continue running without becoming food.

Snakes come in a variety of colors:

There are many colors available for snake players to choose from. All these colors are bright and fun. Any color can be used for your snake. All the colors in this version are also. The players have the option to choose from any of the available colors. apk app

Mod Features

Unlimited Money

Top X Slither Io Apk is free, unlike other advanced snake games. It doesn’t require payment despite the advanced gameplay. This mod app to slither unlimited money is available for players without any restrictions. You can also spend the money 100 times and the amount will not change.

Total Mass and Health:

The main character in the game is a snake. Snakes must be healthy in order to move around. They can’t move if they aren’t healthy. The snake will be kept healthy by slithering the io mod app with unlimited strength and mass. This allows players to avoid having to spend real money on skins, as they don’t have the option of purchasing them in other snake games. You can take advantage of either whenever your snake is tired.

All Things Are Free and Unlimited

All games will receive everything free of charge. All players will have unlimited access, including skin, mass, and health. The invisible skin of the snake is another advantage of Slither io mod app.
The game features unlimited life and slither io mod app unlimited death. Download Slither Io for your PC and have fun!

Advertisements are free

Slither io is a great alternative to watching unnecessary ads. A player won’t be required to deal with any ads while they play. No ad will be displayed on the Slither private servers.

Play offline:

It doesn’t require internet access to play. You can still play without an internet connection. Not everyone has internet access when they are outside. It is available to users anywhere, anytime.


The gameplay is both easy and challenging at the same time. Your snake will explode in flames if it comes into contact with another snake. If another snake attempts to take your snake, flames will also be released. Your snake will be loved by all other snakes, but because your skin is invisible, they cannot eat it. Slither IO god mode will open up many more options.

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What’s New?

You can enjoy many new features and endless improvement in gameplay by downloading the latest version of slither io app. Developers have added new modes, invisible skins, masses, and many other options.’s previous version had also been a source of virus problems for gamers. This edition of is 100% safe and secure so gamers won’t need to worry about bugs.


The snake will have around 44 invisible skins. One can easily spot him.



You can forget boring times with slithering mod apk. It offers colorful snakes and exciting gameplay.

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