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What would kill the planet first? A meteor, a virus, or your own self? Solar Smash is a game where you must take down the world using different weapons

One of the biggest human fears is the devastation of planet Earth. But, many believe that the best method to conquer anxiety is to confront it. The Paradym3 studio offers us this fascinating simulation in which we can choose to take on the world in various ways that are each worse than the next. Would you like to play it?

solar smachs
solar stomachs

Planet destruction starts on your Android

The planet is being destroyed by us as a matter of fact. But, with this video game, we are able to create the same scenario within the world of virtual reality. Solar Smash gives us the tools needed to take over the world with the mobile device of our choice.

solars smach
solars smash

The game is easy to play. In the middle of the display, you observe the planet (we can select from three options, with one being the Earth) At the bottom is the current population as well as the number of people we’re killing. The scale of the killing is not visible however it is extremely subtle.

Weapons and weapons that can cause destruction are displayed on the left-hand side of the display. This means we can launch lasers, meteors enemy invasion from space, missiles as well as black holes. It is possible to use 8 weapons, tools, and weaponry available in order to wipe out the earth.

solars smaches
solars smash

The game is quite easy since we’ll be able to destroy our goal in a matter of minutes (it is contingent on how sadistic we feel). But, it provides an exciting and unique experience we must take a look at because the high-quality 3D graphics is amazing. When we spin around the earth, we are able to see the beauty of the vastness of space. And this is what’s amazing about this game.

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