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AppStick War
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Stick War: Legacy MOD APK version (Unlimited Money) can help you enjoy the most fun and entertaining moments. Download the game on your mobile and participate in the stick battle

About Stick War: Legacy

Perhaps you’ve played some very popular fighting stickman games in the past? I can easily identify examples like Stickman Legends, Stickman Revenge, or Stick Fight… The majority of them were popular before and have received excellent scores of reviews. Today, I present to you a brand-new strategy game featuring stickmen, it’s Stick War: Legacy of the publisher Max Games Studios. If you’re not aware, this is a popular game on the web.


If you play Stick War: Legacy, you’ll be in the Inamorta world with a variety of powerful empires. Each nation has its own tradition and, for them, weapons are revered as part of an evil culture. They are all in the process of gaining access to the country in which you’re the King. As a skilled and compassionate leader, naturally, you’re always a fan of peace. However, in light of that, the nation is constantly in danger It is crucial to establish a formidable military force that can withstand any attacks by adversaries. In addition, economic growth is essential will help build a powerful army.

Stick War
Stick War

Help defend the kingdom

In the game Stick War: Legacy, you’ll reign as a king of a kingdom through logic and peace. Armed force, violence, and war aren’t your styles. However, neighboring nations have modern weapon industries, and they are always eager to take over your territory.

A strategy game where instead of controlling the character, you control an army of strength with lots of warrior soldiers. Manage and create your own strategy team, which includes soldiers, swordsmen, wizards, and Giants. When properly set up and outfitted with weapons, they’ll provide a formidable fighting force. Furthermore, you can build your troops with magical charms.

stick war images
stick war images

Gems and gold

Every major country is involved in Stick War: Legacy is not only strong in its military but more importantly, it requires robust economic potential. In reality, militaries worldwide have huge economic resources or enormous investments in the military. The game of chess is no different. It is necessary to have a large amount of gold in order to build an army of strength. Utilize the resources of the land. There’s a huge number of miners and workers willing to work during the day and all night to extract gold from mineral deposits. Be sure to upgrade miners’ equipment to make the most of resources and maximize the amount of gold that you can extract every day.

Apart from the gold-based source the most valuable financial item that is featured in Stick War: Legacy is an absolute gem. It assists in upgrading combat units by strengthening those who fight with sticks. Also, it helps miners perform more efficiently in a short time. Gems, in particular, are utilized to purchase spells as well as things in Store.

A fun strategy game

The wars of Stick War: Legacy are extremely strategic. Each kingdom has advanced and unique warfare technology. If you win you could earn significant spoils as well as a piece of their territory. These wars can be brutal, but they will be a great blessing to those who win. Keep in mind: “The winner is the strongest”. If you’ve got a sound strategy and a team of warriors that do not afraid, you will be able to beat any opponent.

As an example, there is a battle between melee soldiers at the front (Swordsmen and Soldiers) …) as well as long-range troops such as archers, and wizards. Giants are able to attack with force and protect the turret with great precision. In every fight, we can see that what size of the leader is impressive both in the direction of the battle and in the military strategy.


Stick War: Legacy has many intriguing modes to choose from. The realm of Inamorta is fascinating, however, it’s just a traditional mode. You can choose to play different modes such as Survival as well as Tournament. In survival mode, your stickman army has to survive in the zombie-infested world. If you’d like to be more aggressive, Tournament mode lets you battle against other players from around the globe.

stick war pic
stick war pic

Download Stick War: Legacy APK and MOD for Android

The features are highly appealing to players. The game draws players with its intense battles to stunning 2D images. The character’s shape is incredibly diverse and hilarious. Additionally, you will notice the striking expressions of the soldiers who wear stickmen.

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