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AppSuper Sus
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The Map is New: KRAKENBURG Double your decks, double the fun! A brand new underwater map is now available! Two floors and five elevators, plus brand-new tasks New function: Your Fake Role - In order to combat the boring drop role meta, "Your fake role" is now available to ALL ROLES gamemodes. Account System: Bind with an the official PI ID and ensure that you never lose your account! You can use your email address to join your account in game, log in with email verification. Other optimizations and bug fixings

Super Sus -Who Is The Impostor Mod Apk:

Super Sus -Who Is The Impostor MOD apk v1.33.9.033 Features:

Super Sus -Who Is The Impostor Mod Additional Information Features:
The New Map is KRAKENBURG The deck is doubled, and double the fun!
The new map of the underwater world is available! 2 floors plus 5 elevators and new tasks
New Function: Your Fake Role
To counter the boring drop role meta “Your faux role” is now available in the game mode ALL ROLES
Global Account System: Sign in with your official PI ID and you’ll never lose your account!
Use your email address to connect with your account on the game, and then sign into your account using email verification

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super sus image

Other improvements and bug fixes

Super Sus is a party game that involves teamwork and betrayal. Join online with other real nine players to keep your spacecraft together and make it through Be careful. Some random players in the space crew are imposters intent on killing everyone! Super Sus is the Best Social Deduction Game of All Time!! Make use of your deception and social deduction abilities to find the culprits, in turn convincing your space crew to believe in you!

super sus images
super sus images

Features: Identify the fakes, Victory in 7 minutes. Play online with 9 other real players as you attempt to unravel the mystery of the impostors. Do investigative work in order to discover the identity of the impostors. Be careful it’s not a simple task as the imposters are in those in the group. They will do whatever it takes in order to “kill” the space crews! – 20+ unique roles, play to your heart’s content. There are 3 factions and more than 20 distinct roles to pick from. Each role comes with distinct skills. Pick your preferred position and focus on it! The number of players is growing with multiple modes available such as Top Rank, Get Top Rated and More! Classic multi-role games and constantly updated entertainment options are available for you to pick from! Take on top players from around the world, and climb the ranks to put your mark on the top leaderboard.– Native Voice Chat, make new friends. Select the language you’re comfortable with.

Have fun playing the game by engaging in live voice chat, and talking and directing the game! Play against players from around the world and make new friendships with them! Join forces and play with friends from all over the world. Take pleasure in the excitement of playing with your other friends! Make your own space or set up a variety of ways, or design your own map using UGC! Party anytime, wherever. We are across the platforms below. We are open to all your Super Sus ideas and suggestions.

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super sus pic

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