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What is TextNow Apk?

TextNow application is an Android application that allows you to make and receive voice messages and texts using the same program. It’s completely free, which is different from the majority of apps on the market currently. It is however the best of them all due to its impressive and distinctive features. This means that there are no contracts in place and there aren’t any monthly charges to pay.

It’s the best method of staying in touch with family and friends or making new friends. The app makes use of the internet connection on your phone for sending and receiving messages at no cost. The app is not just operated by individuals from different countries, but also by people from other continents.

Download TextNow Apk Latest Version 2022 Free For Android, PC & IOS:

Users from all over the world use this platform to stay in touch with family and friends. It allows you to use a genuine US mobile number that you can use to communicate with any person even if they don’t have the application. It also offers free group messaging and MMS image messaging, international connection voicemail, and other services such as voicemail. Enflick, Inc. provided this service in the year 2009.

It has racked up greater than 50 million downloads through the Google Play Store. You can manage it on your PC via it is Chrome extensions or Mac or Windows operating systems effortlessly. It also offers access to personal contact information for members. You can use that number to make calls, texts, or make connections with others who use the same forum.

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Download TextNow Apk App Free Unlimited Text + Call (Premium Unlocked):

The software is a combination of cellular and Wi-Fi. The conversations you create and receive will function without the cost of Wi-Fi connections. However, if there’s no Wi-Fi connectivity, the rings are generated through the Internet however not on your mobile services provider’s networks.

TextNow Free US Phone Number – Login:

All you need is to have an Internet connection using Wi-Fi or cellular data is sufficient. It initially began to offer services only in USA and Canada However, today, it’s working in numerous countries because of its popularity. When a member registers an account on the platform, the forum will provide users with a unique contact number, which they use to communicate and interact with fellow members. It’s compatible with every android device, Tablet, and IOS, as well as a personal computer system.

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text now


  • Send free SMS for free
  • Get unlimited calling
  • Create international interactions at a cost-effective price
  • You can also do group communication
  • Make use of it for video chat

Sim Card:

After installing the sim card onto the smartphone, users can join with family members and friends via video or voice video conferences and send multiple texts to connect with one another without cost. It is a breeze to use on a phone that is locked, and there is no requirement to pay monthly or annual charges.

texts nows
texts nows

Send Messages:

A user can send text messages with more than 1500 characters free of cost to other users with the same forum within their respective operating systems. There is also the option to share images and video messages, without having to pay any fees.

Share Photos:

You can share photos, videos, or other media with your family members using its tools. Users can also upload videos from YouTube as well as links from web pages.

Customize Interface:

The user can personalize their screens according to their personal preferences and requirements. It is possible to add a variety option of effects, themes, and a variety of gorgeous colors.

Custom Number:

You will be provided with a US phone number the moment you join this application that you can use to connect with anyone inside the United States or outside of the country.


The system also includes the ability to voicemail so that you never lose a vital message from any.

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text nows

Low-Cost International Calls:

If you’re looking to communicate with someone from outside of the USA or Canada there’s an alternative. International calls can be made for a low cost.

Call from any device:

Make use of tablets, MacBooks, IOS, Andriod, and computers to handle text and voice chat effortlessly. There is no kind of restriction on it.

Use of Stickers:

Users can use stickers, gifs, emojis, and effects to make your chat look more appealing.

Use of Password:

To secure your app from other users using it, users can attach an encryption key or password to their personal data and instantly secure it from anyone.

texts now apk
texts now apk

What are the Pros and Cons?


Offer services in 230 diverse countries

Video communication is also available.

Services are available 24/7

Set your preferred ringtones or music to the background


Not work in European countries

There are still a few mistakes that need to be resolved

Sometimes messages don’t get properly synced with the right people.

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texts now

How to Download and Install TextNow Apk?

  1. The first step is to click the download button that is located near the bottom of the webpage.
  2. Following that, you’ll transfer to a different page with an additional download option.
  3. To access the Apk file, you need to select that option
  4. Then, you should wait a few seconds until the completion of that process.
  5. In order to install an application using third-party sources, you must have authorization
  6. Permit it by activating to enable Unknown Sources option from the security settings of the phone
  7. Your device is now ready to install from a third-party website
  8. The final step is to hit the install button. once the installation is completed the file is now ready to use.
  9. Find and open the desired file, and then take advantage of the latest offers.


It allows users to create free phone access for other users who have the same software on their mobile devices. It also allows you to add credit through in-app purchases, or earn credits through interactions with ads to facilitate international communications. The quality will be acceptable for internet connections that support it.

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