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version 9041
Requires AndroidRequires Android
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Are you getting bored of intense and intense action games? Are you looking for a straightforward yet addicting leisure game to play on your mobile devices at any time you can? This amazing puzzle-solving game for mobile devices of Toon Blast is definitely enough to delight you.

You’ll actually find it to be more enjoyable than other similar titles due to its distinctive and enjoyable gameplay. Although it may appear similar to other match-three titles you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the entertaining and intriguing ways to play match cubes.

Explore an array of exciting puzzle levels, play with different colored cubes, and link them together to reveal your unique cubes. Utilize their unique abilities to efficiently clear levels and play the game more.

Learn more information about Toon Blast with our review of this fantastic game.

toon blast image
toon blast image


If you’ve had enough of the old game of match-three, Toon Blast should definitely be your next favorite Android game, as it has the variety of interesting features you’d want and more.

This game lets Android gamers play a distinctive and fresh puzzle experience that has the same rules as the traditional match-three games, but with an array of different options to it. Explore the realm that is Toon Blast as you enjoy an array of challenging puzzle levels.

Players encounter similar puzzle boards to those in the other games of match-three. But instead of finding cubes of similar colors, players simply have to tap the cubes of identical colors to bring them up.

Join multiple cubes and make them pop up to create interesting cubes with particular capabilities. Explore the board horizontally or vertically or unleash the special blasts that break the whole piece of the board and then on. Utilize these special cubes to take on tough challenges and rise to new heights.

toon blast images
toon blast images


You’ll find all the thrilling features this game offers:

Simple and easy to master, it can take some time to master

In the beginning, you’ll be becoming familiar with the simple and easy gameplay in Toon Blast relatively quickly. With its easy mechanics and simple gameplay, it will not take you long to get into the game and enjoy it.

Additionally, with simple levels and helpful tutorials, you’ll be able to easily learn how to play. Be aware that it’s not going to be simple to be a master of the game. Prepare yourself for a string of challenging and satisfying levels, with increasing difficulty whenever you’re playing the game.

You can take on a variety of tasks and different levels

In addition, Toon Blast also introduces Android gamers to a variety of interesting levels and games-based challenges you can take on and delight in. Beginning with the basic levels and games that are less challenging and more simple gameplay, you’ll begin to move to more difficult gameplay as you advance. And, of course, as you progress to more advanced levels the rewards and loot are going to be more satisfying.

Meet interesting goals and overcome unique challenges

At each level, you’ll be confronted with new obstacles to conquer and goals to meet. Discover the extensive and exciting puzzles with Toon Blast as you find yourself having a different experience. Use innovative puzzle techniques in order to complete your tasks and beat the challenges that are unique to Toon Blast. It’s much more engaging than a regular match-three game.

Find amazing boosters that will assist you in solving your puzzle

And for those that are curious, Toon Blast will surely be awe-inspiring with the variety of exciting boosters it has to offer. As with other match-three puzzles, it is possible to connect several cubes of the same color to make interesting boosters. Utilize their distinctive and incredible effects to eliminate your entire game. You are free to blast away lines of cubes by using your rockets or smash the entire board using your disco ball and the list goes on.

toon blast pic
toon blast pic

Complete all stars in every level to earn extra rewards

Additionally, for each level, players are permitted to earn up to three stars in judging which is contingent on how well they play the game. Therefore, you may find it tempting to take the three-start goal in each stage to be able to collect some exclusive reward. Additionally, with a lot of three-star levels, you could even get access to and play more exciting games that are truly amazing.

Play with your fellow gamers and online gamers from around the world

To help make the game more enjoyable Alongside the single-player games, players are additionally introduced to a range of online gaming that is exciting. In this game, you’ll be able to join your fellow players and gamers online from around the world to take part in a thrilling PvP puzzle contest. Form your own team and take on other teams all over the globe to dominate the world of puzzles. Collaborate with your teammates and offer each other support to help you move forward to the next challenge.

Connect the game to your social media accounts in order to gain access to the latest features

If you’re interested it is possible to have your social profiles linked to the game in order to gain access to numerous amazing features. Start by playing the game on display to your friends on social media who are also engaged in playing. Check their progress and record their progress whenever you’re able to. Also, you can sync your progress in the game across your various mobile devices and not lose your saves.

Play for free

And despite all these fantastic features it is available for free to everyone Android gamers to play on mobile devices. So, browse for the game in Google Play Store. Google Play Store and install it without needing to pay any money.

Get unlimited resources from our mod

But, as it’s an open-source game, you’re limited by advertisements and on-demand purchases something that few people are keen on. So, it’s a good idea to look into an alternative version. You’ll be able to access all the game’s resources and also enjoy the free-of-ads gameplay that is always a huge thumbs up. Download to download the Toon Blast MOD APK on our website and you’ll be ready to go.

Sound and audio quality


You will be completely captivated by the exciting and visually stunning experiences of Toon Blast. Explore the most challenging levels of the puzzle and take pleasure in watching the amazing cubes explode off in different directions and styles. In addition, the low-demand graphics make the game playable across all your devices. Therefore, it’s easy for you to play the seamless and thrilling gameplay of Toon Blast.


And for those who are interested, the Toon Blast also includes interactive and dynamic audio experiences.

toon blast pics
toon blast pics

Download the latest version of Toon Blast Mod 9041 Android APK

It features simple, yet enjoyable gameplay, intricate puzzle-solving mechanics, and hundreds of interesting levels to play, Toon Blast is undoubtedly one of the top casual games available for Android players. In addition, thanks to this modified game you’ll be able to play the game to the highest level without paying anything.

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