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Multiple WhatsApp account management tools, including updated WhatsApp, features from 2021.

What’s new than WhatsApp?

Do you wish to keep someone else’s WhatsApp status?
Do you wish to read or retrieve any messages that your friends have deleted?
* Is there a data cleaner that will remove useless and potentially harmful files?
* Do you have several WhatsApp accounts on one device?

All of these functions are only available through this application. The application isn’t limited. numerous additional functions are available to keep your mood cool fresh and cool.


1.) WhatsApp Management Tool:

Manage your Professional and Personal Accounts Control both through the Whats web application. Have you ever thought of managing multiple WhatsApp accounts with one app? If yes you can log in to multiple accounts without having any problems.

whats web pics
whats web pics

2.) Create more leads for business:

Do you need leads for business? Make sure to promote your business with Whats Web. What’s a Web app for the highest sales and profits? It is true that WhatsApp has a significant function in increasing the sales of products.
Download the Whats Web app to increase the profit margins of your business.

3.) WhatsApp Status Saver:

Do you need more features on your WhatsApp? Simply click on the status to save the statuses. You’ll see all statuses you have selected and then download them in just one click and share them with your loved ones as well.

4.) Restored WhatsApp deleted messages:

In reality, this feature caused an explosion in the market as there is no way to retrieve friends’ messages that were deleted. If someone messages and then deletes it immediately and is not seen by us the message’s content appears to be a reflection of ‘this message has been deleted. This means that you’re now the only person who can retrieve those messages without realizing that you’re aware of the message that was deleted by the person who deleted it.

5.) WhatsApp data cleaner:

Get rid of harmful, unneeded files that consume the majority of your device’s storage. This app will speed up the speed of your device’s performance by removing unwanted files.

whats web photo
whats web photo

6.) QR scanner:

You can scan anyone’s WhatsApp through your mobile and then manage it according to your needs.

7) Share:

If you are impressed by the features of this application and would like to pass them on to loved ones it is easy to use the share feature.

There are many other features available, satisfied customers are our priority and we provide the best to them.

Closing Up

* WhatsApp Management tool
* WhatsApp Status Saver
* Restored Whatsapp deleted messages
* Multi WhatsApp Account Handler app

Hope you like it.

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whatsweb pic
what web pic


What web is developed by us? It is not the official WhatsApp application or affiliated with WhatsApp Inc

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