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This is the description for WiFi Password App

There are millions of wifi connections available with just one click to connect to WiFi, and without knowing the WiFi password!

Millions of WiFi hotspots
-One-click: free wifi connection
Personal Network Security Guard
-Share wifi password safely
Scan the WiFi to detect the security of the wifi




wifi password image
wifi password image

1. Free WiFi

“WiFi Password ” provides millions of wifi hotspots for free close by, you can connect to wifi without the need to know the password for wifi.


2. Secure WiFi

“WiFi Password ” provides reliable wifi services. Only wifi and free WiFi shared by users can be discovered and connected.


3. Easy and speedy

One click and you’re connected to wifi and share the wifi password. “WiFi Password ” will automatically detect wifi.
4. Security Test
“WiFi Password” will perform the security test, simply connect to the current wifi and you will be able to determine the security level of your wifi.

wifi password images
wifi password images


The used WiFi passwords are kept secret to protect the security of the users.


Connect WiFi:

Find free WiFi hotspots in your area Just one click and you’re connected to the WiFi hotspot, and without knowing the WiFi password. WiFi connection is secure and fast.” WiFi Password” can help you search for Wi-Fi passwords on our servers and wifi passwords that are shared with other internet users.


Share WiFi:

You can use Free WiFi to connect to others by using a simple process.
Share Wi-Fi for free Add an unpaid Wi-Fi hotspot to your network by sharing your Wi-Fi password with other users.
Make a WiFi hotspot for your personal Use your mobile phone to turn it into a router, and use your mobile network to share with your family and friends.

wifi password pic
wifi password pic

WiFi security:

WiFi connection is secure as well as trusted.WiFi Password will be unrevealed and “WiFi Password ” can help you avoid unsafe Wi-Fi hotspots. It will also ensure the security of your Wi-Fi even in a foreign location.
The security detection spectrum includes Encrypt Detecting, ARP Detecting, and DNS Detecting.

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wifi password pics
wifi password pics

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