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Yalla Ludo – The Newest Game on Android

Yalla Ludo – Ludodomino is an award-winning, best-selling Android game by the developers of Applesaurus. The game’s story is based on the mythology of Yalla and Aviva two giants that live in the skies over the Earth. To protect his family members from being devoured by Aviva, Ludo needs to transform into a superhuman being and fight monsters as well as other forces that are higher. You are the child of Aviva who becomes sick and is then forced to consume his own flesh in order to recover. The game centers around the protagonist trying to regain his abilities and take on the creatures in his surroundings as they fight against the forces of evil from above. As you advance in levels, you acquire new weapons and magic powers that you can acquire through a variety of tactics, unique moves, and attack patterns.

This game offers you can choose from several difficulty levels where you can choose how difficult you’d like to be. If you’re looking to have more challenges You can begin playing the easy levels and progress to the final fight against the bosses. Although the game does include some quite difficult levels, it’s simply due to being able to count on the fact that enemies are just heads with arms that aren’t moving and you don’t need to think about fighting them in the face unless you truly would like to.


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The visuals of Yalla Ludo

– Ludodomino is extremely attractive, with beautiful effects that are in line with the overall theme. I particularly liked the first scene, with an intimate look at an individual character explaining the reason he was obese, and also his general poor health. The music matches the mood of the game well, calming and yet abrasive at the same moment. It is a perfect match for the tone of the game very well since it is constantly playing in the background, seamlessly blending into the characters while they go about their daily routines and battle their foes. Overall it’s among the most original and innovative Android games I’ve played, and one of the best games using Flash for mobile devices.

There aren’t any change logs yet in Version of Yalla Ludo – LudoDomino. Sometimes, publishers can take time to publish this information So please come for updates in the next few days to determine whether it’s been updated.

yalla ludo image
Yalla ludo image

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Yalla ludo images

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