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Android 5.0+
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Mobile video streaming application

YouTube Go YouTube Go is a subordinate application that is part of YouTube. It’s a streaming app that lets users stream videos on either a 2G or 3G connection. It lets you look up videos, gets video recommendations, and interact with other users while maintaining the lowest data consumption. It is also possible to download videos from the platform to enjoy offline. Resolutions for videos range from 144p up to 360p however it’s your choice which resolution you would like to download. YouTube Go was the first video-sharing technology giant to be released YouTube Go in India. It is now available on the Google Playstore in more than 130 countries. Mobile users can download YouTube Go on any Android device with Android 4.2 or higher.

Viewing capabilities

YouTube Go YouTube Go is a lighter version of YouTube, the authentic YouTube application. It is a great way to reduce memory usage and view videos in areas that have poor internet connectivity. You can sign up for YouTube Go using the same Google account that you have on your primary YouTube channel. This allows the application to suggest channels and videos depending on your viewing history, subscriptions, and the region you reside in.

YouTube plays videos while scrolling across your feed. The same thing can happen via YouTube go. You can look at the video’s preview on the main page. Quick preview allows you to watch the beginning of the video with no audio. The video will be visible in your timeline, however, it will not count as a viewing for the video.

You can also stream videos with no internet connection. YouTube videos that are stored for playback offline permit viewers to view videos during long-haul flights road trips, or other areas with low signal. It’s important to know that not all YouTube videos can be saved. Content creators must set their videos to play offline. Additionally, if you save videos within WiFi-enabled zones it is possible to download them with your mobile’s data.

youtube go app
youtube go app

Sharing features

YouTube Go goes beyond sharing videos on social media platforms. It lets you send saved videos to close YouTube Go users. This means that both the receiver and the sender need to have YouTube Go installed on their phones. The YouTube Go app is installed on their Android smartphone. There’s no limit on the number of videos that you can share at once and it doesn’t require access to the internet or mobile connection. It utilizes WiFi Direct or Bluetooth to complete the data transfer However, sharing videos on the new device will require a required internet check.

youtube go apps
youtube go apps

A light streaming platform for streaming

YouTube Go APK is just 9.9 MB, which makes it a small substitute for the YouTube Android application. It lets you play videos in a decent resolution ranging from 144p up to 360p – using the ability to connect via 2G or 3G. It is not possible to use commenting on videos or post content to your social media platforms with YouTube Go. Apart from these functions, the app offers the same features for viewing as the main app. YouTube Go is a suitable app for people who require real-time notifications of the channels they subscribe to from any location, at any time.

youtube go
youtube go

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