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How to install YouTube Vanced? Non-root version

Using Vanced Manager

YouTube Vanced YouTube Vanced team had created a new and simpler method to get Vanced operational. Users can simply download an application called the Vanced Manager app and it could have made it easier to go through the process to install the MicroG as well as YouTube Vanced. The support for Vanced Music, i.e. the same version that is modified of YouTube Music has also been available The app makes it simple to select which theme you like and install any future updates.


  1. Download the most recent version of Vanced Manager from here on your Android device. Please note that since Vanced has been gone, you might not be able to locate the most recent version of the Vanced Manager application. Be aware of the apps you install and download onto your gadget.
  2. Install the application and then open it.
  3. Be sure that you make sure to select “non-root” during the initial wizard for configuration.
  4. Select “Install” next to MicroG.
  5. Follow the steps to allow installation from untrusted applications.
  6. MicroG will download, and you’ll click “Install” when it’s ready.
  7. Then step, click “Install” next to Vanced.
  8. Select the theme you like and then tap “NEXT”.
  9. Choose the language you prefer and press “FINISH”.
  10. Vance will download, and you’ll be able to tap “Install” when it’s ready.
  11. Success!

Manual Installation

Although Vanced Manager was the method of choice to install and manage the modified YouTube instance, advanced users might want greater control over the process of installing. If you want to set up YouTube Vanced without using Vanced Manager, you must follow the following steps:

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How To Install Without Vanced Manager

Note for users of Huawei/Honor

From v0.2.12-203316, Vanced MicroG had the special “Huawei” button in the login wizard. If you had a Huawei (and Honor) device that didn’t have Google Play Services by default however if you later added them it was possible to login to your Google or YouTube account using Vanced modified apps through that feature.

YouTube Vanced Features

Main features

    • The ability to disable all advertisements.
    • An alternative AMOLED black theme to lessen the strain on your eyes and battery.
    • It allows you to play videos in the background or Picture in Picture (only on Android 8.0 Oreo and up).
      • The swipe controls let you adjust brightness and volume just like the way it works used in the other media player applications (with adjustable padding).
      • The auto-repeat feature allows you to play videos such as TikTok/vines or keep playing the song on a loop.


      • Advanced lets you override codes options (such as forcibly using H.264 on older devices)
      • You can also turn on HDR playback, or disable 60fps if you want cinematic experiences with your customized device configurations.
      • Set the default resolution of your video to be as high or low as you’d like, and you can even alter the resolution of your screen (e.g. playing back in 4K on all devices).
      • Set your default speed of playback to any speed between 0.25x to 2x.
      • You can switch between home ads, the majority of advertising in the UI, ads for merchandise as well as community posts, movie upselling tiny banners, erase comments completely, small movie shelves removal, and more.
        • Allows you to skip other categories, like intros, outros, and reminders to sign up.
        • Full control over whether to skip an entire segment or display an option to skip it or not skip it altogether.
        • Highlights the segment in a specific color that corresponds to its specific category within the replay timeline.
        • It is possible to upload your own segments to the SponsorBlock API and share your knowledge with the community at large.
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YouTube Vanced: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you were planning on getting rid of the stock YouTube application to use Vanced there are some doubts regarding certain aspects of this modification that require clarification. Below are a few frequently asked questions on Vanced starting from the differences between root and non-root versions as well as downloading YouTube videos. If you can’t discover the solution to your question Please feel free to post your comment in the section below. If it’s pertinent, we’ll be sure to answer the question and include it in this section.

Which Vanced option should I pick What should I pick: Root or non-root?

For user experience, there is hardly any difference between the root build and the non-root versions.

The root variant This is the root version of Vanced that completely takes over the standard YouTube application. This means that it is possible to directly open YouTube URLs or even connect to them via Google Assistant using the modified application.

Non-root version: However, if you own a device that is difficult to root or you do not want to root your everyday driver at all then you should choose the non-root version. It is able to run on devices too. Because the name of the package for the non-root version differs from the standard YouTube app, they are able to coexist.

You must add an additional application (MicroG) in order to log in with your Google or YouTube account. Additionally, you must manually select Vanced as your default app to open YouTube hyperlinks. However, the non-root option is a lot easier to accept, and, therefore, we recommend that you stay with the non-root option unless you are absolutely required to upgrade the stock YouTube app on your smartphone.

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Are YouTube Premium and Vanced identical?

No! YouTube Premium (formerly known as YouTube Red) is a subscription-based service provided by Google that offers ad-free access to the content available on the YouTube platform in addition to the ability to access premium YouTube Originals. the ability to download videos and playback background videos on smartphones as well as access to YouTube Music, the YouTube Music music streaming service.

Vance is, on the contrary, a heavily modified version of the original YouTube application that doesn’t require any type of subscription. It does however come with many features, including ad-blocking video playback in the background and others that aren’t available without a YouTube Premium subscription.

Can I download videos using Vanced?

Google has officially allowed the downloading of videos on YouTube to watch offline for offline viewing in those countries. This means that you have to buy YouTube Premium or use a third-party app to download the videos when you’re not in one of these countries.

Vance isn’t a change to the downloading program YouTube used to download videos. This means that you might not have the option of downloading certain videos, based on the location you live in and the limitations set by the publishers of the videos.

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How can I turn off the battery optimization feature to Vanced as well as MicroG to Vanced?

There’s no universal method to turn off battery optimization in an app specific to Android since various OEMs apply the feature to their skins in various ways. Since the steps and the workflow differ from OEM to OEM the best option is best to browse the forums for a good guide to your specific device.

YouTube Vanced was no doubt a very useful mod. It was fairly simple to use and you could have access to a multitude of exciting extra functionality to your YouTube viewing experience.

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