Zapya Apk 6.3.2 File Transfer, Share Apps & Music Download (US)

version6.3.2 (US)
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Lucas Eduardo de Carvalho

Android 5.0+
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The Zapya application allows you to share files by means of QR codes. It also lets you stream the latest short films on the internet, and also chat with your buddies while using it. If you want to share some files, but don’t have an Internet connection It will permit you to transfer or share certain files via mobile devices like Android devices, phones, and even your PC, without the need for wireless internet or data from mobile devices.


  • Developers: Dew Mobile Inc. (Wang Xiao Dong Steve Gu Shangpin Chang)
  • Platform: Android, iOS, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows NT, macOS

This means it can be used across different platforms, including it works on the Android Operating system, iOS, Windows, and more. It’s simple to use and doesn’t cost anything for the user. The app does not have in-app purchasing. Furthermore, it supports more than 20 languages from around the globe.

You can share files with the app by employing any of these three ways to share files.

  • Method 1: By creating the group and inviting others to join the group
  • Method 2: By creating personal QR codes for close users, to be scanned
  • Method 3: Simply send files to people in the vicinity.

Zapya apk app download

You can download Zapya to run Android OS at Google Play

zapya image
zapya image

Other characteristics included in Zapya include:

  • Backups of files are stored using a specific flash drive, phone, or computer.
  • Transfer of all kinds of files from older devices to new ones. You must be given permission to access the call log and check the status of the phone before making use of these functions.
  • In addition to sharing files, you can look up and watch videos that are uploaded by other users who use the application.
  • Additionally, you can upload videos on the internet with the Zapya application.
  • The app includes an option to communicate and share photos with friends and family members without the need for internet Internet or any data.
  • You can also make use of QR codes in order to link your devices and transfer files.
  • It can be used to connect to the cameras of your friends in connection with one particular friend.
  • You can participate in chats with other group members and file sharing in groups.
  • If you purchase an updated phone and wish to install the most popular apps or saved apps, you’ll have to transfer APK files from your previous device. APK files from a different device (phone or computer) or transfer them to the new device. Click “Local” and from there select “Files” and then select “Apps”. Choose all the apps you wish to install and select “Install all”.
  • With Zapya you can make use of your smartphone as a wireless keyboard for your computer
  • You can also backup your PC files with Zapya
  • It also offers downloading music for free.
  • Zapya can be composed by hand in English (Default Language), Chinese (Simplified & Traditional), Hindi, Spanish, Arabic, Thai, Burmese, Indonesian (Bahasa), Italian, Vietnamese, Russian, Persian, Tamil, Malayalam, Telegu, Malay, Turkish, Korean and Portuguese.
zapya images
zapya images


Android, iOS, Windows XP/7/8/10, Mac OSX, Windows Phone 8.1 and 10, and the Web browser.


The Zapya application allows finding running apps on your phone, locate accounts on your device and view your contacts, change your contacts, give your estimated location (network-based), and give your exact place of residence (GPS or network-related) as well as read your texts (SMS or MMS) Editing texts (SMS or MMS) and viewing your call log as well as your phone’s status and identification accessing the USB storage, navigating the file system for storage and taking a look at what’s inside your USB storage, editing or delete all the data on your USB storage, accessing content from you USB storage, taking photos and videos, watching Wi-Fi connections, analyzing the status of your phone and identify it and recording audio

It is also able to browse home preferences and settings, get information from the Internet access connections to networks, connect with Bluetooth devices, view Bluetooth settings and send broadcasts that are sticky, and change network connectivity. allow Wi-Fi Multicast reception to connect to Wi-Fi and disconnect, full access to networks, reorder the apps running, control vibration, stop the device from going to sleep change system settings, check the network connections, broadcast sticky broadcasts, alter network connectivity, enable Wi-Fi Multicast reception as well as disconnect and connect to Wi-Fi with full network access and running when it starts.

zapya pic
zapya pic

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zapya pics
zapya pics

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